Blacktop Resurfacing

Blacktop is used as a surface for so many areas, especially roads and parking lots. There are certainly different types of asphalt, too. You don’t have to worry about the roads, unless you have a private road or driveway on your land that you need paved. However, business owners have to think about their parking lots, construction companies have to think about all kinds of projects and other people have to plan out local asphalt repairs in Rockville as well.

Let’s say that you are going to be redoing your driveway. I’ll never forget when I was really young playing basketball on a gravel driveway. It was a blessing at the time, but you can imagine dribbling was difficult. At my next home, there was a blacktop driveway, and we moved the basketball goal. The driveway was fresh, so we never had to resurface it with fresh blacktop. How often would that need to be done?


First of all, you have to take into account how much traffic and abuse the blacktop is getting. It will also depend upon other factors. Did you know that if you want to resurface a driveway that you can do it yourself? It is going to take some doing, but it can be done. You are going to want to know the required steps, and there are some pointers about what not to do as well.

For example, let’s say that you work hard and get the asphalt driveway done. How much sealer do you plan on putting on the blacktop? Experts say that people for some reason like to be very liberal with the sealer. You don’t need that much, and there are other mistakes to avoid as well. One thing you have to make sure of is that the weather is right.

A local business right down the street from me just finished a blacktop resurfacing project. The weather isn’t exactly the best, but they did try to time it during the off-season. They also put ropes up to keep people off. You don’t want people walking on blacktop that hasn’t had the proper time to dry and settle. Unfortunately, people were walking on the blacktop last night when I went to the gas station.

If you want your new blacktop to look good, you have to follow all the necessary steps. If you are thinking it would be too difficult to do on your own, then outsource the project like most others do. If you are a business owner, your parking lot takes heavy traffic. Asphalt resurfacing will have to be done from time to time, and you might as well plan out your budget and how you will maintain the parking lot.

Is resurfacing blacktop cheaper than the initial project? What else do you need to know about your choices? If you plan to resurface your own blacktop, do you need any special equipment? If you do, now would be a good time to find out. Then you can get started with your project.