Paving Repairs Prevent Deterioration

Asphalt is prone to develop cracks and potholes after some time. This damage is caused by the constant exposure of the surface to the elements, especially the sun. Due to the color of asphalt, it absorbs more of the sun’s heat and ultraviolet rays and this causes expansion, leading to cracks. The cracks then become an entry point for water from washing and rain. During cold weather, this water can freeze, become ice, and expand leading to still greater pressure on the cracks causing them to widen. Dominic’s Paving is the premier driveway paving company in Rockville, MD, that will help put your driveway back to its original mint condition.

Inspect the entire surface and identify the cracks that need repairs. Remove all debris, grass or other loose things you find in the cracks. Flush out these cracks and potholes with water, using just enough pressure to remove loose debris, but not strong enough to disturb the asphalted portions. Let the area become dry thoroughly. A few hours of sun can help to do this. Repairs are always better if the repair area of the asphalt is coated with a primer using liquid asphalt.


Cracks or holes that are wider than three inches need to be refilled with asphalt. You can do this with asphalt paving material that can be loaded in a caulking gun. This can be expensive, and you can save yourself some money if you fill the hole with premixed asphalt that has sand and gravel that helps to fill the hole and is stronger and cheaper than the asphalt paving material. This premixed asphalt is best of the cold variety, as hot mixed asphalt is difficult to handle and requires some expertise. Fill up the cracks and potholes with the mix after applying a tack coat to the existing asphalt and tamp them down till the surfaces of the filled material are level with the other areas of asphalt. It can always help if you cut the potholes to a regular shape and then repair them, as this makes it easier to fill them.


Asphalt paving repairs are also required when the surface of the asphalt has aggregate or stones showing through. It is essential that once an asphalt surface has been repaired, that you allow some time to go by and use the driveway before you seal it. At times, asphalt driveways can show a constant tendency to crack, and this is often a result of a poor foundation. This repair can be time consuming and expensive, as it literally requires you to redo the entire work to improve the foundations.

Use of proper compaction equipment can do a better job of asphalt repairs. Plate vibrators can easily be hired and are easy to use. A large job is better carried out with rollers. Asphalt surfaces will last longer if they are given a seal coat after every couple of years. This action helps to retain the homogeneity of the surface and will seal small cracks and prevent them from increasing.